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BRANDisam-Academy Blog: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CREATIVITY, BUSINESS, TRAINING, AND TECHNOLOGY JOIN TOGETHER? In the year 2020, Mr Siju Rajan and Mr Jeevan Uthaman identified a connection between those 4 elements. That led to the formation of BRANDisam. In the light of vast experience in Business consultation by Siju and the Training experience of Jeevan, they found that even though entrepreneurs from Kerala are highly educated and efficient in running business. But they lack basic awareness and understanding about the brand building process. This is the main reason for not finding international brands from Kerala. Many are confused that Branding means creating a beautiful logo or a website and many others misunderstand that by doing Trademark registration alone, the brand-building process is completed. Then, BRANDisam began providing them with assistance and education. Later on, the company developed by itself in entrepreneurship development with a holistic approach. This step, at that point of time, brought fruitful results and during the period of professional service, BRANDisam has built their trust among its clients post serving them well. BRANDisam is a vibrant team of business strategists, organizational development and HR trainers, business graphic designers, business content developers and business legal advisors. It was in 2020 that the company set up many brand identities, framed unique brand strategies for all and also, empowered various entrepreneurs to build their brand.